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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

December's Mom of the Month

Our Mom of the Month program allows us to honor one of our Stroller Strides moms for her efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle while getting to know her better at the same time. December's Mom of the Month is Amy Ruetz (aka Marley's mom)!

Amy moved to Raleigh from Baltimore earlier this year and quickly became a beloved member of our mom-community! She faithfully attends 4-5 classes/week and is currently serving as one of our 3 wonderful Playgroup Captains.

Amy spent the fall training for the City of Oaks 1/2 marathon and frequently doubled on up on her daily workout by running a few miles before Stroller Strides class. Fortunately, Marley was a willing training buddy and conveniently took her naps during the run. Amy even inspired a few of our other Stroller Strides moms to join her on her pre-class runs.

We asked Amy a few questions to get to know her a little better and this is what she said...

Hometown: I consider Chicago my home, although I grew up all over PA, NJ, and the midwest.

Education: I went to the University of Colorado for my BA in Communications. I then went on to get my Master's in Elementary Education in Chicago.

Stroller Strides Member since: May 2011

Members of your Family: I have been married to my husband, Mike, for 4 years. We have our amazing daughter, Marley (11 months), dog Tank, and cat Mugatu.

Current/previous Career: I was an elementary teacher (3rd/4th grade).

What was your childhood ambition? I knew I would love to teach, and be a mom. Lucky me, I have everything I always wanted :-)

What does motherhood mean to you? It is the most amazing accomplishment I have ever achieved! It's so cliched but I am so fulfilled with the love of this little person. Every day is a new adventure and I am so excited for this journey for the rest of my life!

What is the furthest you have been from home? I LOVE to travel! I am so lucky to have been to Thailand, explored Eastern Europe, and traveled around Argentina. I would love to share more traveling with my kids in the future.

What has Stroller Strides done for you? What hasn't it done for me? After having a baby, "retiring" from teaching, and moving to NC, Stroller Strides has helped me through all of these transitions! I am so lucky to have formed many friendships, both for me and my baby! I have mentors that I feel comfortable asking parenting questions to and a social calendar filled with fun outings and playdates. I am so happy to be a Playgroup Captain and feel even more connected to this amazing group of moms! Getting a great, daily workout make me feel stonger and healthier than I have ever been!

What is your favorite exercise? If watching reality television does not constitute as exercise, then wall sits and bicep curls would be my favorite. I love the feeling of accomplishment after a good run too!

What is your proudest moment? Prior to being a mom (that would take the cake), having my old students seek me out to tell me they loved coming to school when I was their teacher.

What are three of your favorite things (besides your family!)?
Traveling, being outdoors, laughing

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us or makes you unique.
I have never lived anywhere for more than 4 years. I have been a vegetarian for half my life (does that make me old?)

If we asked your spouse what they think your best qualities are, what would they say?
I would like to think that my hubby thinks I am fun to be around and am caring and giving.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

November's Mom of the Month

Our Mom of the Month program allows us to honor one of our Stroller Strides moms for her efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle while getting to know her better at the same time. November's Mom of the Month is Amanda Falsone (aka Epi & Anna's mama)!

When we first met Amanda (early summer 2010) she was mom to one sweet little baby boy (Epi). Shortly thereafter she became our first pregnant Stroller Strides mom and remained a dedicated Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby participant throughout her pregnancy. In the winter of 2011, Epi became a big brother to baby sister Anna and Amanda moved into the world of double strollers.

Despite having her hands full with two little ones under the age of 2, Amanda makes it out to Stroller Strides class and playgroup activities multiple times/week. She always arrives with smiles and energy to spare and makes it look easy to get to class with two little ones (though she assures us it's not- and we believe her- see below). She also hosts a fabulous Breakfast with Santa and backyard Wet & Wild summer play dates for our playgroup!

We asked Amanda to answer a few questions so that you can get to know her better and this is what she said...

Hometown: Covington, Louisiana
Education: Louisiana State University for Ceramics and NC State for Industrial Design
Stroller Strides Member since: May 2010
Members of your Family: Joseph, Epi (23 months), Anna (8 months) and Scout our Jack Russell mix who's going on 15 years!
Current/previous Career: lately I've been juggling the babies' nap schedules full-time but as a career I taught ceramics and art to adorable students at Explore!
What was your childhood ambition? Being the youngest of 5 I think my ambition was to just be good and stay out of the trouble!
What does motherhood mean to you? What a question! It's given me a better perspective on just what a miracle it is that my husband and I created these little extensions of ourselves. I feel blessed, humble and grateful to have been chosen to be their mother. I'm one happy and lucky mama!
What has Stroller Strides done for you? It has done a lot! The exercises are always challenging, especially the ab work. I really enjoy the social aspect of it for both myself and the babies. Also, being a part of a program was a real test after having a second child to (try) to keep a schedule for myself and get everyone out of the house on time. Lucky for me you guys don't count tardies. One more thing I LOVE.... learning cute songs to sing to my babies!
What is your favorite exercise? Kick backs I think they're called. I love feeling the booty burn.
What is the furthest you have been from home? Venice, Italy for our honeymoon.
What is your proudest moment? There are two-When Epi opened his eyes and looked up at me seconds after delivery and second when I heard the blaring cries of Anna. I was shocked something so tiny could put out such sound!
What are three of your favorite things (besides your family!)? Rollerskating, listening to my mom play piano, making things- be it awesome birthday decor, murals or art with Epi (and soon enough, Anna).
Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us or makes you unique. I have an incredible lucky streak. I once won a 7-day all expense paid trip to Hawaii when I called into a radio station. While on the plane to the island I won the contest the stewardesses announced. It was only 3 cans of macadamia nuts but I felt lucky to have won. I'm currently hoping to win a playhouse I bought raffle tickets for!
If we asked your spouse what they think your best qualities are, what would they say?.....coming from my husband's mouth:
"It's generic and cliche but I want to say, 'You're a great mom."' pause..."I would also say you're kind."

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Feeding the Family: White Bean & Chicken Chorizo Stew

I love when the weather starts to turn chilly and I get to make soups and stews! Last night I tried out a new recipe and Daniel (darling husband) and I loved it! (Monty had a yogurt for dinner- this wasn't really his speed.) It was so tasty, easy, and healthy that I thought I would share it with you!

I initially found this recipe in this month's Real Simple magazine (under "White Bean & Kielbasa Stew") but their recipe called for dried beans and a slow cooker... I didn't do my grocery shopping until mid afternoon so that wasn't really an option for me yesterday.

2 cans white beans (rinsed and drained)
1 package chicken chorizo sausage (cut into 1" chunks)
4 cups chicken broth
1 can diced tomatoes
1 large onion (diced)
1 Tablespoon minced garlic
1 teaspoon dried rosemary
5 oz baby spinach

  1. In a large soup pot saute the garlic and onions in 1/4 cup of chicken broth until onions are soft.
  2. Add in all other ingredients (except spinach) and simmer for 30 minutes or so.
  3. Stir in the spinach just before serving. (If you want to freeze some of the soup- don't add the spinach to the portion you are going to freeze.)
Makes 4 large bowls- 357 calories/serving.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Feeding the Family: Butternut Squash Muffins

I'm always looking for a way to get more vegetables (or any vegetables for that matter) into my 2 1/2 yr old. So, I was elated to find another veggie muffin recipe in the September 2011 issue of Parenting Magazine and just had to give it a try. The original recipe was a bit bland so I've changed a few things to make them more flavorful. Enjoy!

7 oz. of peeled, seeded and roughly chopped butternut squash (about 1/2 a medium sized squash)
1 cup light brown sugar
2 eggs
1/8 tsp salt
1 1/4 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon
6 Tbsp vegetable oil
1/2 cup dried cranberries (aka Craisins)

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and line a muffin pan with 12 cupcake liners.
  2. In a food processor, finely chop the butternut squash. Add sugar and eggs and whiz to combine.
  3. Add salt, flour, baking powder, cinnamon and oil and whiz until combined.
  4. Stir in Craisins with a wooden spoon- reserving a few for the top of each muffin if you wish.
  5. Evenly distribute the batter among the muffin cups and top with remaining Craisins.
  6. Bake 20-25 minutes or until a wooden skewer or knife inserted in the middle comes out clean.
  7. Transfer to a wire rack to cool. Enjoy!
For more fruit and vegetable muffin/bread recipes check out some of our older posts under the heading "Feeding the Family" and "Recipes".

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Instructor Spotlight: Meet Colleen!

Usually at the beginning of every month we take a moment to honor one of our Stroller Strides moms as "Mom of the Month" for her efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle. We're taking a break this month to formally introduce you to our newest Instructor with a post we're calling "Instructor Spotlight"!

Meet Colleen Gould (aka Alex's mom)! Colleen moved to Raleigh from Los Angeles, CA in the late Spring and began attending classes and substituting during Instructor vacations. Fun fact: she used to teach Stroller Strides on the beach in Los Angeles! This Fall she'll be teaching our Monday and Wednesday 9am Stroller Strides classes at the North Hills Mall.

If you've ever taken one of Colleen's classes you know that she is a seasoned and very knowledgeable Instructor. An advanced degree in Exercise Physiology and certifications in Personal Training, Group Exercise and Pilates and her sweet and welcoming personality make for fun and challenging Stroller Strides classes with a little something for every-mom!

We wanted to give you a chance to get to know Colleen a little better so we asked her our standard "Mom of the Month" questions and this is what she said:

Hometown: Mobile, Alabama
Education: BA from Loyola University New Orleans in Print Journalism, minor from Tulane University in Sports Science; MS from Middle Tennessee State in Exercise Physiology
Stroller Strides Member Since: May 2010 (in LA) and April 2011 here in Raleigh
Members of your family? My amazing husband is Andrew and y'all know Alexander (16 mo)
Current/Previous Career: Up until I had Alex I worked as an Exercise Physiologist at a Physical Therapy practice. Since Alex... I'm full-time mom with the exception of teaching Stroller Strides :-)
What was your childhood ambition? As a little girl I wanted to be a cheerleader, then a grade school teacher and then an interior designer but deep down I always knew I wanted to be a mom.
What does motherhood mean to you? Motherhood is complex! I am embracing being a mom and everything that comes with it. I love Alex's sweet demeanor, how he is passionate about bananas, and how much he loves dancing. I never expected some days to be so long, but also never expected some days to be so very cool as I watch him grow and learn new things with curiosity and amazement.
Where is the furthest you've been from home? I studied abroad in Dublin between Junior and Senior year of college.... it was like my home away from home, love it there!
What has Stroller Strides done for you? Stroller Strides has done so much for me! As a new mom looking to get back in shape and make some new mom friends, it was the perfect answer. Now as an Instructor, I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for exercise with other moms and babes. Being outside, exercising, keeping the babies entertained... it just make sense!
What is your favorite exercise? I'm sure y'all will be shocked to read this but I've gotta go with any kind of ab work, especially after doing cardio and resistance for an hour- it's just so effective!
What is your proudest moment? Right after Alex was born, watching Andrew looking at him for the first time and feeling so blessed.
What are your three favorite things (besides your family)? Ribbons, ruffles & consignment shopping.
Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us or that makes you unique. I have never in my life had a sip of coffee.
If we asked your spouse what he thinks your best qualities are, what would he say? Trustworthy and sweet, but goofy!

Come try one of Colleen's classes at the North Hills Mall and introduce yourself! Your first class is always free- you can register with this link: click HERE.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Best Workout for Every Age

In your 30's:
Maybe you used to stay slim doing sporadic workouts, but now it's time to establish a regular routine to fend off loss of bone density and flexibility.

In your 40's:
Ramp up cardio to tackle the creep of belly fat that starts this decade.

In your 50's & beyond:
It's important to dd strength training to your cardio routine to fight the dreaded "flat butt" and keep muscles firm.

(excerpted from the September 2011 issue of Health Magazine)

Why not make Stroller Strides classes or our 5K Training Program part of your routine? And bring your mom so she can avoid getting the dreaded "flat butt" :) !

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Midtown Moms on the Run" 5K Training

Stroller Strides of Midtown Raleigh's

"Midtown Moms on the Run"

5K Training Program!

October 4th-November 29th, 2011
Tuesdays & Saturdays @ 8:30am
Program culminates with the December 3rd Jingle Bell Run 5K

Weekday & Weekend options- accommodates both working and stay-at-home moms! Beginners and experienced runners (and everyone in between) welcome!

To all local moms of any age or fitness level:

Have you ever dreamed of making it through the finish line but don't know how to get started? Have you run in the past and would like to get back into it? Are you looking for some extra cardio and the motivation to stick with it? If you answered "Yes!" to any of those questions then this program is for you!

Our training program includes:

  • 9 weeks of regular group training runs
  • Weekly training program & guidance (1-2 additional runs/week completed on your own).
  • Training run locations in the Midtown Raleigh area including Shelley Lake & various Greenway Trails
  • Education on running form, injury prevention, increasing speed & distance and choosing the right running shoes.
  • Supportive atmosphere with other moms working towards the same goal!
Strollers are welcome (but optional) during our training runs. Dads are welcome too. Please contact us about a discounted couples rate if Dad would like to participate throughout the program.

Enroll Now!

Fees: $70 for entire program. ($50 for active Stroller Strides Members or Class Pass holders). Optional Team jersey, $20. Race fees not included.

"Midtown Moms on the Run" 5K Training Program

For more information please contact: Missy Currin at or 888.760.0142 ext 1.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Understanding Artificial Sweeteners

It’s understandable that you might be drawn to diet foods or artificial sweeteners when trying to keep your weight down. Unfortunately, those foods may be doing you more harm than good.

Most of these are chemicals that replace the sweetness of sugar without the calories. Think about this: with real foods when you eat something that’s very sweet it’s also usually high in calories. Your brain knows this and does its best to use those calories efficiently. When you eat something that is sweet and does not have calories, your brain is confused and your body will not metabolize those calories as it should. Basically, if you eat something that tastes like it should have calories and doesn’t, it will have a negative impact on your body!


  1. “Sugar Free” does not always mean low in calories.
  2. Recent studies have shown artificial sweeteners can actually increase your appetite.
  3. Artificial sweeteners can still spike your blood sugar and lead to additional cravings

Just because it’s on the market does not mean it’s safe. Saccharin has been linked to cancer. Sucralose (also known as Splenda) is associated with both liver and kidney enlargement. It can also cause skin rashes, headaches and stomach pains. Aspartame (also known as NutraSweet, Equal and others) has been associated with everything from hallucinations to brain tumors.

Turn to natural sweeteners when you need something sweet. This can be honey, maple syrup and date sugar. As with any sugar, keep it in moderation as it has no health benefit. Sugar is sugar, regardless of color.

Natural Minimally Refined Sweeteners (the best for you)

•Fruit juice

•Unrefined maple syrup

•Raw honey

•Date sugar

•Molasses (blackstrap or barbados)


•Brown rice syrup

•Barley malt

Refined Sweeteners (second best)

•White sugar

•Brown sugar

•Refined maple syrup

•Corn syrup





•Processed honey


Artificial Sweeteners (avoid!)

•Aspartame (a.k.a. NutraSweet)





(Originally posted on by Lisa Druxman 7/2011)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Understanding Sugar

No doubt about it, sugar is a hot topic for anyone wanting to lose weight. Unlike fat or sodium, you don’t actually have a physical need to eat sugar. It has zero nutritional value. However, your body naturally turns food into sugars (glucose) to fuel the body and brain. The challenge is that sweet foods tend to make us overeat. Plus, artificial sweeteners trick our body about how food should be metabolized.

We know that foods, like candy and ice cream, are high in sugar. But you may be surprised at the high amount of sugar in foods that you wouldn’t expect. It’s added to most processed foods and beverages. Sugar is added because of flavor but also because it can help preserve foods, fuel fermentation (like in bread) and serves as a bulking agent. Sugar occurs naturally in foods like fruit, milk, vegetables and even some grains. Remember sugar has n0 nutritional benefit!

Why you want to stay away from added sugars:

- Tooth decay - Sugar allows bacteria to grow in your mouth

- Poor nutrition - You fill up and then don’t eat the healthy foods

- Weight gain - It adds calories but no nutrition to foods and usually causes overeating

- Higher triglycerides - Eating too many sugars can increase triglyceride levels which can increase risk of heart disease.

The American Heart Association suggests no more than 100 calories/day (or about 30 grams) for women from added sugar. That is about 5 teaspoons per day. Most Americans are eating closer to 31 teaspoons per day! Eye opener: One soda has 9 teaspoons of sugar!

Sugar Surprise- These foods are all high in sugar:

- 1 Package Oatmeal – 15 grams

- 1 Protein Bar – 15 grams

- 1 Tbl. Salad Dressing – 6 grams

- 1 Cup Granola – 24 grams

- ½ Cup Tomato Sauce – 10 grams

- 1 20 oz. Bottle Ice Tea – 56 grams

- 1 oz. Ketchup – 6 grams

- 12 oz. Sport Drink – 42 grams

- 8 oz. Fruit-flavored yogurt – 26 to 39 grams

Eliminate Hidden Sugars

You don’t have to worry about naturally occurring sugars in fruit and milk, for example, for your health. It is the added sugars that cause the problem. Read labels and stay away from: Fructose, Maltose, Sorbitol, Evaporated cane juice, Syrups, Xylotol and sugars ending in "ol" or "ose".

More to come on artificial sweeteners later this week!

(Originally written and posted on by Lisa Druxman 7/2011)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mid-Month Class & Playgroup Update

Many of you may have already received this news via your email Inbox but I want to make sure you're all getting the latest info so here it is again...

Hello Stroller Strides of Midtown Raleigh Members & Class Pass Holders!

This is a quick mid-month update to keep you all in the loop...

  • Fall Schedule Changes: We're adding a new class time/location in late September! To accommodate a growing group of moms and varied sleep schedules for the little ones we're going to open a 10am class on Mondays and Wednesdays at Shelley Lake. The start date and exact location where class will meet will be forthcoming soon... stay tuned! Meanwhile, North Hills classes will continue to meet MWF at 9am. After Labor Day (Oct 6th) the NCMA Museum Park classes will move to a 9:30am start time on T/Th.

  • Found: 2 New Playgroup Captains!: Sharon Morris will stay on to serve as Playgroup Captain for another 6 months and will be joined by 2 new Co-Captains; Krista Welty and Amy Ruetz. A big thank you to Nora Bray, who is stepping down at the end of this moth, for serving as our inaugural Playgroup Captain for the past year. We owe a year's worth of fun and friendship to your time and efforts- thank you for your service!

  • 5K Training Program: Our "Midtown Moms on the Run" 5K Training Program will start Oct 4th and culminate in the Jingle Bell Run (5K) on Dec 3rd. Group training runs will be on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 8:30am in the Midtown/N.Raleigh area. Strollers, beginners and experienced runners welcome! There is a discount for active Stroller Strides Members & Class Pass Holders! Click HERE for more information and to access the registration form.

~ Team Stroller Strides of Midtown Raleigh ~

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Training with Resistance Bands

If you've never been to a Stroller Strides class perhaps you've never had the satisfaction of working out with a resistance band. You are missing out!
Resistance bands are rubber tubes with handles on each end. They vary in the resistance they offer. At Stroller Strides of Midtown Raleigh we use the SPRI Xertube in green (less intense) and red (more intense) and if you're feeling particularly tough... both at the same time! For some reason no one has taken me up on that last option yet. Yet.

Why tubing? Easy!
  • Tubes are inexpensive. At Stroller Strides classes we sell replacement tubes for just $10 (grn) or $11 (red). They are also available at many sporting goods stores and online but don't go too cheap... quality matters!
  • Resistance tubing is very portable. My tubing has been all over the US and Mexico on family trips. Those hotel workout rooms are always a disappointment but I'm never without a means to exercise when I've brought my tubing along. Plus- seeing it in my suitcase reminds me to fit in a workout on those busy family trips!
  • Tubing is versatile and effective. You can target all major muscle groups with your resistance tubing exercises. Lower body? Target your medial glutes by side stepping with both feet on the band and a handle in each hand. Upper body? Challenge your biceps by stepping on the band with one or both feet, one handle in each hand and performing a standard bicep curl. You get the idea.
  • Its virtually impossible to achieve this look... maybe you consider that a disadvantage?
So, have I sold you on resistance bands? If you're still not sure then come join me for a Stroller Strides class and I'll show you! And if you need to replace your bands or are ready to upgrade to a higher intensity band just drop me an email: and I'll get you set up with a new one.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Your Words & Thoughts Have Power

Sounds like something you would tell your children, doesn't it? Well, I have an assignment for you; Pay attention to the words you use about your body and the thoughts you have throughout the day. You may be surprised at the amount of times you create negativity about your body and/or your abilities. “My butt is big”, “I can’t do this”, “This hill is too steep. I can’t do it”, “I’m fat”…any of these sound familiar? A famous quote by Henry Ford always comes to mind when thinking about the power of thought, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right”. There is a negative spiral that happens when our thoughts are focused on the negative, we become limited by them.

The second part of this assignment is to start a negativity boycott. Stay conscious of those times you tend be negative and turn yourself around. You will see it make a big difference in the way you feel and the way you instill new challenges on yourself. You are strong, beautiful and ever-changing, don’t be the one who limits your own possibilities!

(originally posted by Stroller Strides National Fitness Director, Farel Hruska 8/2011)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nothing to fear... one mom's tale of parting ways with the paci

This post is long overdue as Monty's paci is long gone... we parted ways last summer when he was 18 months old. But I read an article in Parents magazine the other day about another families' attempt to ditch their daughter's pacifier and it brought me back to the feelings of uncertainty and fear every parent goes through when approaching this big milestone. Would my son ever be able to fall asleep again on his own? What about car trips, plane rides, and upsetting situations that a good suck on the pacifier seemed to solve? Turns out I had nothing to fear except fear itself.

There was no "binky fairy" at our house, no mailing of the pacifier to a younger cousin or friend, no cold-turkey-cry-it-out scenarios. In fact, there was practically no strategy at all. It almost happened by accident. We'd been trying to keep Monty's paci use isolated to his crib and carseat (long rides only) and had been relatively successful. Between Stroller Strides, playgroups, and family trips last summer we were constantly on the go and found ourselves suddenly with only one pacifier. The others had been lost along the way and never replaced. I found myself always checking to make sure our last one didn't go missing as well!

One day I went to get Monty from his nap and found him playing with his last paci in his crib. The very tip of it had ripped about 3/4 of the way off. Not wanting him to choke on it I snipped that little flap right off. It dawned on me right then that this could be the end if I played my cards right. For the next few days I continued to snip it shorter and shorter until all that was left was a little rubbery ring attached to the plastic base... very unsatisfying. And that was the end. No drama. And you know what? He sleeps very well (most of the time) and has never once asked for it back.

I'm not saying it will work for every kid but if you're thinking of parting ways with a pacifier it might work for you! Best of luck and let me know how it turns out ~ Missy

Monday, August 1, 2011

Our August Mom of the Month

Our Mom of the Month program allows us to honor one of our Stroller Strides moms for her efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle while getting to know her better at the same time. Our August Mom of the Month is Shauna Elggren (aka Cameron's mom)!

Shauna rarely misses a workout- often attending 4-5 Stroller Strides classes per week. Sweet Cameron is always with her smiling and waving (one of his latest tricks) and usually sporting the cutest little baby faux-hawk you've ever seen! This fit, fun, and fashionable mama is a great asset to our program and we all love having her around!

We asked Shauna a few questions to get to know her a bit better and this is what she said...

Hometown: Born in Tuscon AZ. But I'm an army brat so I've had lots of hometowns. My family always seemed to come back to Salt Lake City, Utah.
Education: Some college
Member Since: Oct 2010
Members of your Family: 2 sisters: Shyloh (Utah) & Shelley (Nags Head, NC), ME, and 2 brothers: Jeff (Utah) & Justin (Raleigh)... also Cameron (age 1) and Greg (Cameron's daddy)
Current Career: Mommy (best job ever) and some very part time Bookkeeping
What was your childhood ambition? to be an Actress
What does motherhood mean to you? I never really wanted to have kids, but the moment I saw this little guy's face in the ultrasound I finally knew what true love really was. Then when he was born I knew my new life ambition was to help make this little boy as happy as possible. It has changed me for the better!
What is the furthest you've been from home? Hawaii or Cancun
What has Stroller Strides done for you? I don't know where I would be without you fabulous girls (prob in the corner crying everyday). I'm also starting to lose some of my baby weight & feeling more confident!
What is your favorite exercise? "Head shoulders knees and toes"...FAST...I can never find eyes, ears, mouth, and nose correctly ;) hahaha
What is your proudest moment? Becoming a mommy
What are three of your favorite things (besides your family)? I love the beach, dancing, & working out
Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us or that makes you unique. I got married when I was 19 and divorced at 29. Greg and I met when I was working for Gold's Gym, we always had so much fun together. We dated off and on for several month before I moved in. We were very pleasantly surprised to find out I was pregnant. We are so happy to be parents. Maybe some day we'll get married, but I'm in no rush.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Straight From the Heart

I met this sweet mom, Holly Kryter, at my Stroller Strides Instructor training course in Washington, DC in 2010. She owns the Knoxville, TN Stroller Strides franchise and stars in this video (part of a series from their local TV station called "Straight From the Heart"). Its always fun to see what other classes are up to across the country and to hear moms talk about what it means to them to be a part of the program! Enjoy...

Friday, July 8, 2011

DIY salt scrub soothes dry summer skin!

Last week I was lucky enough to spend a relaxing week with my family at the Jersey Shore (it's not all GTL, folks!). We played on the beach, took long bike rides, checked out the island's many playgrounds, did some bird watching in the marshes, and just generally had a fabulous week of active family time.

Monty's "Bee" gives him a lesson in shallow water boogie boarding

All of these great activities left us covered in sweat, sand, and sunscreen at the end of the day... a stinky and sticky combination! Luckily my mom left a batch of her homemade salt scrub in the enclosed outdoor shower for all to use. My skin has never felt more refreshed! So I thought I would share with you all this super easy homemade salt scrub recipe so you can all feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Enjoy!

DIY Salt Scrub
  • Coarse salt (sea salt or kosher will do)
  • Baby oil
  • Plastic container with a lid (any "tupperware" container will do)

  1. Pour salt and oil into the container. The ratio is 1:1 (1 part salt to 1 part oil). No need to mix as the salt inevitably sinks to the bottom. Make as little or as much as you want.
  2. Apply in small amounts in the shower with a circular motion using your hands, washcloth or bath mitt- avoiding sensitive areas like the face and neck. Rinse and pat dry. Your skin should feel gently exfoliated and moisturized.
Possible substitutions- You can substitute raw/turbinado sugar for salt but beware of attracting ants. Other oils that you can use include almond oil, extra virgin coconut oil, scented baby oil, or vegetable oils (but you probably want to avoid olive oil because it is a bit smelly). A few drops of essential oils can be added for fragrance as well.

A word of warning: this may leave your bathtub/shower feeling a bit slippery because of oil build-up on the tub/tiles so be careful!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Free Stroller Strides Classes this week at all Midtown Raleigh locations!

Try Stroller Strides for FREE during the week of
June 20-24th, 2011!
The North Hills Mall & The NC Museum of Art Park

Stroller Strides of Midtown Raleigh would like to invite all local moms out to try our program for a full week at no charge! Join us for up to 5 classes for free. Please note: this offer is not valid for those holding an active Membership, Class Pass, or Living Social voucher.

  • Monday, 6/20: North Hills Mall @ 9am

  • Tuesday, 6/21: NC Museum of Art Park @ 9am

  • Wednesday, 6/22: North Hills Mall @ 9am

  • Thursday, 6/23: NC Museum of Art Park @ 9am

  • Friday, 6/24: North Hills Mall @ 9am

  • North Hills Mall (Midtown Raleigh): Meet in front of the movie theater

  • NC Museum of Art Park (Midtown Raleigh): Meet in between the East & West bldgs
Interested in signing up for Stroller Strides?

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Commonly-Asked Questions:

What should I bring?
Please bring a sturdy stroller, a towel or mat for ab work, water, walking/athletic shoes and attire, and any toys/snacks for the little one/s as desired.

Do I need to pre-register?
You can pre-register so that your info is on file by clicking here. However you can also show up on any day (or every day!) between June 20-24th to attend class for free. We suggest arriving 10-15 minutes before the start of class.

What is Stroller Strides?
Stroller Strides is a total fitness program for moms that they can do with their baby or stroller-age child. The hour-long workout includes power walking and intervals of body toning, using exercise tubing and the stroller. Taught by nationally certified instructors who are trained in pre- and post-natal fitness, it's a great workout for any fitness level.

Fitness for Mom, Fun for Baby
In addition to providing a great full body workout for moms, we engage the children throughout our classes through songs and activities, keeping baby entertained while mom exercises. We welcome moms and babies from 6 weeks to any age that they’ll stay in a stroller (usually about 4 years old).

More than an Exercise Program
Our program also offers our Luna Mom Playgroup at no additional cost (click here for Midtown/North Raleigh area) that consists of weekly playgroups after class, monthly moms night out activities and special community events. Don't put it off any longer... come join all the Stroller Strides fun!

We hope to see you soon!

-Team Stroller Strides of Midtown Raleigh

Monday, June 13, 2011

The 10,000 Strides Challenge Winners are...

On May 1st our Stroller Strides group took on the 10,000 Strides Challenge. In self-selected teams of 3 they donned pedometers and began tracking their steps on a daily basis. Their goal was to exceed 10,000 steps per day per person and keep it up all month long. The winning team is the team with the most steps at the end of the month.

Our 10,000 Strides Challenge is now complete and we have a winner! The Yummy Mummys are our May 2011 10,000 Strides Challenge winners!!! Congratulations to Rebecca Smith, Megan Dosmann and Jennifer Anderson- the 3 Yummy Mummys!

For their hard work they have each won a racer-back tank top with the "Fit Moms Rock" logo (pictured below) because fit moms DO rock!

(Available in S-2XL in Berry, Black, Currant, Leaf or Royal Blue for $35 from our online retail store)

I hope this late Spring challenge gave all participants the extra push they needed to be more active. We'll hold another 10,000 Strides competition this fall and would love to have even more moms join us! If you want to see how your team stacked up against The Yummy Mummys- check out the final team totals below... and keep on striding!

Final Team Totals:
The Yummy Mummys: 1,200,810
The Lady Goo Goo Gagas: 1,062,042
The Muffin Top-less Mamas: 882,531
The Happy Feet: 662,430
The 3 Mom Blondes: 582,009
The Movin' Mamas: 98,552

Italicized Teams did not report in for one or more weeks during the month.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to Run with a Jogging Stroller

The first time you run with a stroller will feel rather strange. The good thing is your baby is light and if you are pushing a good running stroller your run will be a breeze. Once you get used to running behind a stroller it will feel rather strange. I know I kept wanting to grab a push bar. Here are a few tips to help get both of you out there:
  • Relax your Shoulders- It is common to tense up while pushing your baby. It is not a position we are used to. Plus, we are pushing 20+ pounds on wheels. Not something we are used to unless of course your day time job is pushing an ice cream cart. If you are tense your neck and shoulders will hurt. Relaxing your shoulders does sound weird but, what you want to do is drop your shoulders down so they are not up at your ears.
  • Posture Perfect-Pushing from your center or middle will not only strengthen your tummy but it will also keep you from having a sore back. When you go up hills especially push from your center. You should not be hunched over the handlebars no matter how hard. In time this will get easier I promise.
  • One Hand Push-Pushing your stroller is actually easier when you use just one hand. Push with one hand and swing the other to help you maintain your stride. Be sure to use the wrist strap on the hand that you push with. We do not want to hear about your stroller taking off down the hill without you. You will eventually develop your own running style.

Happy Strolling!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

9 Months On, 9 Months Off

Written by Farel Hruska,
Rebounding from labor and delivery is a process. You think that you should lose the baby weight and be back where you were before. Here is the reality of the postpartum woman: It took nine months to gain the weight, allow at least that long on the way back.

In addition to your body housing a growing baby and the extra weight it took on for the job, many other changes occurred. The hormone relaxin was released in your body to loosen your joints. This hormone helped your pelvis adjust for your growing baby. Just because you delivered your beautiful bundle of joy, doesn't mean your skeletal structure returns to its previous position. Your hips bones may be wider, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing!

Muscular changes are also apparent; a lengthened Trapezius, hand-in-hand with tightened pectorals, lead to forward shoulders. The weight of the breasts can cause discomfort as milk production begins, as well. The energy needed to care for a newborn can lead to fatigue and muscle pain. All that being said, go easy on yourself.

Beginning a workout after giving birth can be intimidating, but as you get in to a regular routine, you will start to see some very profound strides towards lean muscle mass and the reduction of fat. In addition, you will lower your resting heart rate, expand your cardiovascular threshold, sculpt your muscles and gain more energy along the way.

You may, in fact, be healthier now versus pre-pregnancy! How about that? So, you don't fit in your old jeans? So, the number on the scale isn't what it was when you were single? Great! Celebrate this change in life. Enjoy the beautiful and glorious gift of being able to bring a child into the world. Enjoy your health, your energy, your everyday victories and the moment by moment, overwhelming joy of being "Mom". Above all, go easy on yourself. It is about the journey!

Nine Months Off

Here are some month-by-month tips for getting back into shape after baby:

Month 1
Focus on reconditioning your core--abdominals and pelvic floor muscles--with gentle pelvic rocks and kegels. The pelvic floor can actually drop up to one inch just from pregnancy. These exercises can begin in the hospital bed (barring pain).

Month 2
Start gentle walking. Start with a 5 to 15 minute gentle walk and slowly increase time and intensity. Exercise at this point should be stress relieving not stress producing.

Month 3
Take baby out for a stroller workout. Include hills, intervals with changing your speed, and focus on good posture. Good stroller walking form includes leading with your chest, keeping hips close to the stroller handles, shoulder blades pulled back and down, abdominals engaged and wrists in neutral alignment with the arm.

Month 4
Use your baby as a weight and work out with baby. Try crunches with baby on your belly or hip bridge with he/she on your stomach as resistance. Even wearing the front carrier can be a workout. Try scapular retractions--pulling shoulder blades toward spine--with the weight of the carrier as resistance!

Month 5
Even if you're not nursing, continue to eat as if your food fuels your baby. Chances are you'll make better choices for your baby then for yourself. Remember to choose whole foods, fruits and vegetables

Month 6
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. You should be drinking eight 8 oz glasses of water a day. Add another glass for each hour of activity.

Month 7
Make sure you're eating often enough...instead of a few big meals a day, try to eat five to six mini meals throughout the day.

Month 8
Consistency is key. You should be working out 30 to 60 minutes on most, if not all, days of the week. It doesn't have to be a traditional workout to count as activity.

Month 9
You're a role model mom. Focus on health and wellness instead of a size or a number on the scale. Children understand sooner than you think!

Farel Hruska has over 16 years experience as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She is the National Fitness Director for Stroller Strides holding Stroller Strides certifications throughout the country and supporting hundreds of instructors nationwide.

Hruska is a national educator and presenter in pre/postnatal fitness education. She is also a CEC provider for the American Council on Exercise and Aerobics (ACE) and The Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

Monday, June 6, 2011

Habits Are The Answer

How many calories should I eat?

How long should I workout?

What workouts are most effective?

What should my percent of fat to protein be?

These are the questions I get daily. But I think there's something more imporant than those answers. We all really know that we should be exercising more and eating better quality foods. And while it's good to be better educated on nutrition and exercise, I think it's more important to figure out how to make healthy habits part of your life. I know that I "should" eat more vegetables, take my vitamins and drink enough water. But my habits sometimes disconnect knowledge with action.

It doesn't matter if you know that a pound of fat is 3,500 calories if that doesn't translate in to daily habits to reduce calories. Instead, think about one thing you can work on each week and keep doing it until it becomes a habit. The definition of habit is that it is a settled regular tendency or practice, one that is hard to give up. That is key! We have bad habits that we need to give up and we have new ones that we need to add in to our life.

What habits do you have right now without even thinking about it? Setting the coffee maker, brushing your teeth, buckling your seat belt? Some have said that it takes 21 days to create a habit. That may not be magic, but commit to a certain number of days. Make it a daily habit and start with a small step. Write it down and set a trigger to remind yourself whether it's a note or an alarm for example.

Let's just say that it does take 21 days to create a new habit. If you chose just one thing to focus on every 21 days, you could add 17 new habits this year! Let's face it, we would be happy with just a few healthy new habits that truly stick! Break that insanity that comes from trying the same things over and over just to wind up with old results. Instead, focus on daily actions that can lead to the results you want.

(This post was written by Lisa Druxman and originally appeared on the Stroller Strides blog on 6/6/11)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our June Mom of the Month

Our Mom of the Month program honors one of our own Stroller Strides moms for her efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle and gives us a chance to get to know them better at the same time. June's Mom of the Month is Gina Sarant (aka LilaKate's mom)!

Gina and LilaKate have been active Stroller Strides Members since May 2010 and we absolutely LOVE having them in class! Gina always has a kind word and an encouraging smile for her classmates and pushes herself to work harder and be healthier at every opportunity. She's even been known to grind up liver and add it to a turkey burger for the added health benefits- ask her about it if you want to hear how the burgers turned out!

We asked Gina a few questions about herself and this is what she said...

Hometown: Castleton, NY
Education: College of Saint Rose- BS in Elementary Education and I have a 2 year degree in Financial Services from HVCC

Member Since: May 2010
Members of your Family: Jimmy (husand) and LilaKate (turning 2 this summer)
Current Career: Domestic Goddess- aka Stay at Home Mom... BEST job ever!
What was your childhood ambition? To be a mommy. I think I believed my Baby Beth was real for at least a couple of years. I took such good care of her and would really lose it when my brothers used to dangle her over the staircase...
What does motherhood mean to you? Everything! It took a while to get pregnant with LilaKate and I love everything about being a mommy! When I see food all over the floor or feel vomit all over me (only happened once!) I think, I waited a long time for this! Motherhood truly is the ultimate gift and I thank God for my little girl every day!
What is the furthest you've been from home? Greece, with Tahiti coming in as a close second!
What has Stroller Strides done for you? It has created the ultimate place to get fit, bond with baby and hang out with some of the greatest moms in the world!
What is your favorite exercise? "No More Monkey's Jumping on the Bed"... where we side step with our feet on the band and jump in and out. It has really helped "my problem areas"!
What is your proudest moment? Giving birth to LilaKate :)
What are three of your favorite things (besides your family)? Coffee, day spas, reading a good book.
Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us or that makes you unique. My best friend is someone I have known since birth... our moms were neighborhood friends and were pregnant together.
If we asked your spouse what they think your best qualities are, what would they say? "Gina's best quality is her heart. She is the most loving and caring mother LilaKate and I could have wished for." ~Jimmy Sarant

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The 10,000 Strides Challenge: Week 3

On May 1st our Stroller Strides group took on the 10,000 Strides Challenge. In self-selected teams of 3 they donned pedometers and began tracking their steps on a daily basis. Their goal is to exceed 10,000 steps per day per person and keep it up all month long. The winning team will be the team with the most steps at the end of the month. The prize= very cute bamboo "Fit Moms Rock" racer-back tank tops.

Can I have a drumroll for this week's totals, please?! The cumulative team totals (week 1 + week 2 + week 3) so far are:

Team Totals as of Week 2:
The Yummy Mummys: 784,033
The Happy Feet: 662,430
The Muffin Top-less Mamas: 590,594
The 3 Mom Blondes: 582,009
The Lady Goo Goo Gagas: 402,486
The Movin' Mamas: 98,552

Italicized Teams have not yet reported Week 3's step totals and therefore only show Week 1/2 totals above. Check back over the next day or so for updated totals.

Week 3 is now complete and we have just 1 week and a few days left in our challenge. Can you finish strong? You certainly can! To give you the extra bit of motivation you need I'm going to remind you of your goals... (names omitted- but you know who you are!).

"To move more, get healthier... and to win!"

"10,000 steps a day and down 2 lbs."

"To lose some of my belly and get into my pre-baby clothes."

"To rock a bikini- and look good!"

"Run 1-2 miles without stopping to walk."

"Start planning meals, walk 10,000 steps a day and lose 5 lbs."

"Lose my last few pounds and finally get down to my pre-baby weight!"

"Work on toning the jiggly parts and run at least 4 miles twice a week."

"Tone my arms for summer."

You're making great strides towards your goals, ladies- keep it up!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Challenge You To... An Advanced Plank Combination!

Our ongoing 10,000 Strides Challenge started as a result of many of you looking for some healthy competition. In April I had 2 or 3 moms in one day say to me, "I need a challenge to kick my booty into gear" (or something along those lines). So now that we're halfway through... are you ready for another challenge? One that works your core?

We did this advanced plank today in Stroller Strides class and it sure is challenging! Practice it at home (as long as you've been okay'd to exercise by your physician or midwife) and we'll do it again in class soon!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The 10,000 Strides Challenge: Week 2

On May 1st our Stroller Strides group took on the 10,000 Strides Challenge. In self-selected teams of 3 they donned pedometers and began tracking their steps on a daily basis. Their goal is to exceed 10,000 steps per day per person and keep it up all month long. The winning team will be the team with the most steps at the end of the month. The prize= very cute bamboo "Fit Moms Rock" racer-back tank tops.

Week 2 is now complete and the results are impressive! I'm so proud of all of you who have taken on the challenge and are finding ways to squeeze more steps into your already full day. On Thursday, I witnessed two moms take an extra lap around the NC Art Museum Park- one before class and one after. I've noticed that many of you have taken to parking clear across the North Hills Mall from where we begin and end class just to get more steps in. You've been taking more Stroller Strides classes and meeting each other to walk or run outside of class. It is awesome! We're halfway through the month... keep up the great work, Ladies! The cumulative team totals (week 1 + week 2) so far are:

Team Totals as of Week 2:
The Yummy Mummys: 486,391
The Happy Feet: 411,681
The Lady Goo Goo Gagas: 402,486
The 3 Mom Blondes: 355,921
The Muffin Top-less Mamas: 352,261
The Movin' Mamas: 98,552

Italicized Teams have not yet reported Week 2's step totals and therefore only show Week 1's totals above.

Keep up the good work, Teams!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The 10,000 Strides Challenge: Week 1

On May 1st our Stroller Strides group took on the 10,000 Strides Challenge. In self-selected teams of 3 they donned pedometers and began tracking their steps on a daily basis. Their goal is to exceed 10,000 steps per day per person and keep it up all month long. The winning team will be the team with the most steps at the end of the month. The prize= very cute bamboo "Fit Moms Rock" racer-back tank tops.

Week 1 was a bit of a rough start... It took a few days to get all of the pedometers calibrated for accuracy. One split apart. Another fell in the toilet. After taking all of this into consideration we began actually counting our steps on Wednesday, May 4th. So this weeks' totals include Wed- Sat. Future weekly totals should be much higher as they will include Sun-Sat. The team totals so far are:

Team Totals for Week 1:
The Yummy Mummys: 184,179
The Happy Feet: 157,167
The Lady Goo Goo Gagas: 148,330
The 3 Mom Blondes: 129,933
The Muffin Top-less Mamas: 126,256
The Movin' Mamas: 98,552

It has been so much fun to hear about how our 10,000 Strides Challengers are increasing their step totals. One walked to the grocery store for an extra 8,000 steps. Another realized that it was much easier to get her steps in when she came to Stroller Strides class! Moms met for extra walks outside of class. They marched in place in their living rooms and did late-night laps around Target. All in all... everyone moved more and worked hard to fit more steps into their busy days. Great job 10,000 Strides Challengers! I can't wait to see what next weeks' totals will be!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our May Mom of the Month

In less than a week we will celebrate ALL moms... but for the month of May we want to highlight one special Stroller Strides of Midtown Raleigh mom for the strides she is making in fitness, motherhood and life! Our May Mom of the Month is Ashley Collins (aka Beatrice Kate's mom)- pictured below with her husband and daughter at the March for Babies!

Congratulations, Ashley! You're a super-mom and a wonderful example to our group in faith, fundraising, friendship, fitness, and of course- motherhood and we want to celebrate you! Ashley's most recent hobby has been raising money for the March of Dimes via the March for Babies walk that took place on Saturday in the Triangle. Under her leadership our team raised nearly $3500 in honor of her daughter, Beatrice Kate, who was born 11 weeks premature and is now a healthy and happy 1 year old!

We had Ashley answer a few questions so that we could get to know her a little bit better and this is what she said...

Hometown : Lincolnton, NC but I went to high school in Durham at the NC School of Science and Mathematics
Education : B.A. in Chemistry from NCSU
Stroller Strides
Member/Participant since: September 2010
Members of your Family: Myself, my husband, Casey and our daughter Beatrice Kate (13 months)
Current Career : Mommy (and I LOVE IT)
What was your childhood ambition? To be a paleontologist (I even went on a fossil dig in high school!)
What does motherhood mean to you? Motherhood to me, means knowing a love like no other. From the moment I first saw Beatrice Kate's tiny, postage stamp-sized hand in the delivery room, I knew that my life was now bigger than just me. Being a mother means living everyday for someone else.
What is the furthest you have been from home? Cusco, Peru. We hiked for 4 days to get to Machu Piccu and it was well worth it!
What has Stroller Strides done for you? First- Stroller Strides provides a fun way to get in daily exercise. It's the only exercise class I've ever taken that I don't constantly check the clock! Secondly, Stroller Strides has given me a sense of community and a place to connect with other new moms. It's something that I look forward to every day and I love that Beatrice Kate also gets to meet new friends!
What is your favorite exercise? Hiking or Kayaking
What is your proudest moment? My most proud moment was the day that we took Beatrice Kate home from the NICU. We waited six long weeks to feel like a "real family" and I was so proud to finally have our daughter at home with us (even if none of us got any sleep for the next 3 months!). I remember drinking a cup of coffee the morning after she came home and thinking, "Wow. We did it!"
What are three of your favorite things (besides your family!)? Our dogs, Cooper (9) and Arnold (15); baking for friends and family; going to the movie theater (especially movies in IMAX)
Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us or makes you unique. I can read books really quickly. It's really nerdy, but I read the entire Twilight franchise in two days and the Sookie Stackhouse novels in two weeks (all ten of them!).
If we asked your spouse what they think your best qualities are, what would they say? I asked him and he said, "You always put other people's needs ahead of your own." I would say that I try to, certainly- unless one of those needs is the last chocolate chip cookie- and then all bets are off.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fundraising Yard Sale this Weekend!

On April 30th our moms group will walk in the March for Babies- a local event that raises money for and awareness of the work of the March of Dimes. The March of Dimes' mission is to "help moms have full-term pregnancies and research the problems that threaten the health of babies". To help raise money for this worthy cause we are hosting a fundraising yard sale THIS SATURDAY in North Raleigh. All proceeds will go towards the March of Dimes.

How can you help? Please consider helping out in one of the following ways:
  • Donate your sale-able items (email Missy for info)

  • Volunteer your time to working the yard sale (Fri pm/ Sat am)

  • Shop the yard sale- starts @ 6am at 4004 Sherlock Ct, Raleigh

  • Going to be out of town this weekend but still want to help? Donate online using this link: I HEART BABIES.

Thank you for your support!

~The Bea Team & Team Stroller Strides~

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Feeding the Family: Chicken, Red Grape & Pesto Pizza

Chicken, red grapes and pesto? Weird, right? No... amazing! Gina suggested this recipe to me weeks (or maybe even months) ago and I've been meaning to try it out ever since. My parents are in town this weekend and always up for trying something new so we made it for dinner tonight and it was SO good! (Thank you, Gina!) The recipe dates back to a 2009 issue of Cooking Light magazine... enjoy!

1 can refrigerated thin-crust pizza dough
Cooking spray
1/3 cup refrigerated pesto
1 1/2 cups seedless red grapes, halved
8 ounces shredded skinless, boneless rotisserie chicken breast (or the pre-cooked "short-cuts")
3 garlic cloves, thinly sliced (we left this out since our pesto was extra garlicky to begin with)
4 ounces fresh mozzarella cheese, thinly sliced (we used shredded mozzarella)
3 tablespoons grated Romano cheese
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 cup sliced green onions

1. Preheat oven to 425°.

2. On a lightly floured surface, pat dough into a 12-inch circle; gently place dough on a pizza pan coated with cooking spray. Spread pesto evenly over dough, leaving a 1/2-inch border around edges. Arrange grapes evenly over dough; top evenly with chicken. Top with garlic and mozzarella; sprinkle with Romano and pepper. Bake at 425° for 20 minutes or until crust is golden brown. Sprinkle with onions. Cut into 12 wedges.*

*We followed the directions on the pizza dough and set the oven at 400 degrees, pre-baked it for 5 minutes before added toppings and ended up cutting the cooking time to 10 minutes... do what works for you!

Yield: 6 servings (serving size: 2 wedges)

CALORIES 364 ; FAT 14.4g (sat 4.8g,mono 6.3g,poly 1.4g); CHOLESTEROL 55mg; CALCIUM 191mg; CARBOHYDRATE 34.6g; SODIUM 562mg; PROTEIN 22.6g; FIBER 1.7g; IRON 2.5mg

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fit4Baby Prenatal Exercise Classes start this weekend!

And its not too late to join us for Spring Session 1! Pregnancy is the perfect time to commit to you and your baby's health. Exercise is an important component to your pregnant well-being, as well as your strength as a new mom. Our instructors want to help you be FIT FOR MOTHERHOOD!

What is Fit4Baby?
Fit4Baby is a prenatal fitness program that teaches women how to exercise safely and effectively throughout their pregnancy. Each nationally certified instructor is trained in providing pregnant women with exercises that are safe and appropriate for their changing bodies. Fit4Baby classes are interval based, combining elements of strength training, cardiovascular exercises and stretching and balancing exercises.

When are Classes?
9am-10am on Saturday mornings... perfect for the working mother-to-be! Classes meet in 5 week sessions and cost just $60/session.

Spring Session 1: April 2nd-May 7th (no class Easter weekend)
Spring Session 2: May 14th-June 18th (no class Memorial Day weekend)
Summer Session 1: June 25th-July 30th (no class on July 2nd)

Where are classes held?
Classes meet outdoors at the NC Museum of Art Park and utilize the park and greenways as our open-air exercise studio!

Who should sign up?
All pregnant moms who have been cleared by their physician to exercise. All fitness levels are welcome. Please make plans to leave other children at home with a caregiver as this class is a special time for moms and moms-to-be only!

How do I register?
Register below with Paypal and you will be contacted within 2 business days with Registration confirmation and additional information.

Fit4Baby Registration
Registrant's Name
Email Address & Phone #

Unused classes may be rolled over into future Fit4Baby sessions or credited towards future Stroller Strides classes.
Please feel free to contact the office with any questions at (888) 760-0142 or